You may have made a new year’s resolution to get in shape—and even if you didn’t, this is a great time of year to think about your fitness goals and how you can make that part of your health plan for 2020.

But have you thought about how fit your organization is when it comes to Human Resources?

Take KMA’s quick evaluation below to check your HR fitness level. Once you’ve got your results, keep in mind, your personnel trainers at KMA are ready to help with a more complete and customized evaluation.

KMA HR Fitness Evaluation

[HDquiz quiz = “60”]

What Your Results Mean

Total “Yes” Answers:

8 to 10: You are pretty fit, but could use some new HR exercises.

5 to 7: Your HR routine is regular, but you need to round out you workout in all areas to achieve true fitness.

Under 5: You need a personnel trainer now!

Contact KMA

Contact KMA to schedule an HR evaluation with a trained professional and get started on a new level of HR fitness!
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