Client Praise

When it came time for Maine Outdoor Brands to hire its first Executive Director, we turned to KMA to conduct all aspects of the search. KMA handled each step, from job description development and compensation analysis, to screening applications and presenting us with the top candidates. The recruiting team managed all the communications and streamlined what would have otherwise been a daunting undertaking. In short order we found our ideal candidate and the position was quickly filled. KMA was outstanding to work with throughout the process. I cannot speak highly enough of the service and attention we received, and would recommend them to anyone looking to hire qualified talent for their organization.

(Jim Hauptman, Maine Outdoor Brands)

KMA found us the perfect candidate for our HR position and I am so pleased with the service they provided. The whole team went above and beyond in helping us find and hire exactly who we needed.

(Joanne Crepeau, Girl Scouts of Maine)

A few years ago Connectivity Point was at a crossroads. We were blessed with a full schedule of projects and service work. The company was operating at maximum capacity. We had two choices: continue at our current pace and limit our growth potential or take the next step and hire enough staff that would allow us to not only support our current business demands but also go out and pursue new sales opportunities. We did not have the HR processes in place to grow and hire effectively and efficiently. We partnered with KMA and they worked closely with us to help identify our HR business needs and ensure we were in compliance. Together, we assessed our staffing, reviewed and refined our hiring practices and then quickly increased our staffing levels to prepare us for our increase in business. If it wasn’t for KMA, I fully believe we wouldn’t be where we are today. In the last two years, we’ve almost doubled in size and KMA has been with us every step of the way. KMA has helped us with our processes, our people and our resources to position us for continued growth and success. I’m so grateful to have KMA on my team. They truly are a valued and trusted partner.

(Doug Watt - Founder, Owner and President of Connectivity Point Design and Installation)

KMA Consulting was diligent, enthusiastic and extremely easy to work with. After performing an HR audit for Sterling Rope, my comfort level is much higher. Their team helped us develop a process for new hires and provide more for our employees overall. If I ever need extra HR support, I can call KMA Consulting.

(Controller, Sterling Rope Co., Inc.)

Great experience working with KMA! The folks at KMA managed the recruitment process from advertising to initial phone interviews, cumulating in the face-to-face interviews, reference checks, and employee selection support.  To me the benefits of working with KMA include compliance, professionalism, effectiveness of phone interviews, and strength in face-to-face interviews and follow through. We saved management time, improved our applicant selection process, and found super new employees through KMA!

(Anonymous, Insurance Firm)

Nonprofits play such a critical role in supporting the things we value most in Maine and we are deeply appreciative of the generosity of businesses like KMA, who clearly value the work of the sector, and are willing to contribute their expertise to support its well-being.

(Scott Schnapp, Previous Executive Director of MANP)

I am so pleased with KMA’s responsiveness, professionalism, and feedback. They have been a valuable asset to our organization while our HR Manager is on maternity leave. They’re quick to reply to any inquiry, and always follow up afterwards to see if there’s anything else that is needed. I am so impressed with KMA’s ability to dive into an organization and quickly learn the ropes and provide insight and feedback. What superstars!

(Marney Chalmers, NAHGA Claim Services)

I have had the pleasure of working with KMA and have been delighted with their work quality, insightful advice, and the depth and breadth of their HR knowledge. They have helped us on compensation and wage issues, benefit program design and implementation, employee relations and legal situations, redesigning a company’s orientation program, and developing and delivering training programs.

(Anonymous – HR Director)

KMA’s presentation on Appreciating the Strengths and Challenges of Introverts in the Workplace empowered me to be a positive change agent with my employer. The concrete suggestions helped us to better leverage our firm’s analytical talent. The presentation gave me new perspective about what I could be doing differently to become a more effective partner in introverts’ engagement and success and gave me the foothold for communicating examples of how as an HR professional, I can be a strategic partner alongside firm leadership.

(Class Participant )

I cannot say enough about what the diligent team at KMA has done for MTS in such a short period. KMA has been a true partner through several projects, and has really helped shore up our HR systems. Their team possesses great expertise, is extremely responsive, and genuinely cares about the well-being of their clients.

(Stuart MacDonald)

Thank you so much for coming to our Career Development Facilitator (CDF) course recently to speak to career advisers who are completing my course in order to apply for national certification as a CDF. The curriculum covers the topics of Civil Rights Law, Family Medical Leave, and ADA compliance, but it always makes these laws come alive to have someone like yourself, speak about how it really works in business. Your presentation was ‘spot on’ for what we had hoped.

(Jim Peacock, Career Development Facilitator Instructor, Peak-Careers Consulting)

KMA’s work with our organization has been excellent and very well received by our entire team. The in-depth workplace assessment they conducted was crucial to identifying and documenting key issues needing attention. In turn, they have systematically resolved open items and brought great order to the practices and policies of our company. Our employees have embraced the inclusion of an HR consultant who has been at all times objective, approachable, and empathetic. As a business owner, I value her emotional IQ, all the while working to support the goals and vision of the company as a whole. The entire KMA Consulting team is enthusiastic and committed.

(Kathie and Paul Dioli, Owners Schlotterbeck & Foss)

KMA got us through our HR transition and made all of our other work easier at the same time. We are very happy with our decision as your consultant jumped right in and has added value since week one (literally).

(Anonymous - Consulting Agency)

For years we knew we needed a human resource department, but had neither the time nor skills to develop a position. With the help of KMA, our HR generalist received the necessary direction, skills, and confidence to begin building our much-needed HR department. KMA is fun, knowledgeable and truly care that their clients succeed in the long run.

(Tim Haines, Sebago Brewing Company)

I want to personally thank you for all your help in providing us with outstanding HR staff at a time when our needs for such assistance was critical. Yes, it has been stressful and challenging during this transition, but we can now see a far better outcome and we owe KMA a huge ‘thank you.’

(Dr. Daniel Penan, DMD, Taylor Brook Dental Associates)

Working with KMA was a pleasure. They were professional, understood our needs, and communicated clearly. The team at KMA met every deadline, and quickly responded to last minute requests. We especially appreciated their expertise and ability to help us navigate the art and science of salary setting.

(Johanna Broadwater, Great Schools Partnership)

Your practice continues to impress me with the quality of the consultants you employ, the thought leadership you demonstrate through events, and with the clientele that all appear to be satisfied, if not ‘raving’ fans. I enjoy interacting with you and your outfit because I can literally see what ‘added value’ looks like.

(Patrick Sweeney, Chief Financial Officer, Lanco Integrated)

Without a formal human resources department, KMA Consulting has become an important partner when it comes to attracting and hiring great candidates. They are responsive, easy to work with, and the services they provide are an excellent value.

(Jeff Messer, President/Owner, Messer Truck Equipment)

Our company has been experiencing double-digit growth every year since we opened in 2007, and KMA has been there every step of the way. From creating our employee handbook to dealing with complex personnel issues, KMA has acted not only as our “HR Department” but as a trusted advisor who has helped make our growth possible.

(Joe Walsh, Founder & CEO, Green Clean Maine)

KMA has been instrumental in the transition time between myself and the former Human Resources Manager. I have a few years of experience in HR and KMA has served as an adviser and a coach to guide me through tricky employee relations issues, advice on special projects, and have assisted me as I learn and grow with my new role. They are very responsive to any questions, personable, and can adjust to any situation. I appreciate that they look at things through many different angles due to their vast range of experience and knowledge in HR.

(HR Manager, Portland)

KMA are change agents, whether it’s moving a person to a better place, getting a group to become a team, or identifying and fixing infrastructure issues within HR.

(Anonymous – HR Director)

I didn’t want to let the day go by without a ‘thank you’ for that really stimulating breakfast brief presentation this morning. That meeting was really worth the time and energy to attend. I left with things to think about, which is probably the highest praise I can give for a session such as that.

(Patrick Sweeney, Chief Financial Officer, Lanco Integrated)


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