The KMA Team Shares Their Self-Care Practices

Self-care is more important than it’s ever been as we fight a pandemic and cope with the stresses of life under restrictions. We asked KMA staff to share the ways they practice self-care. Here are some of the team’s answers.


More walks, even in the cold.



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How to Support a Grieving Employee

From the 24 Hour HR Support Center

Everyone experiences grief at some point in their life, and yet for being such a common experience, it’s also one that few of us are fully equipped to navigate when it comes. In part, this is because grief is such an …read more…

Six Tips for Managing Stress in the Workplace

From the Pros at the 24-Hour HR Support Center

We’re all supposed to feel stress from time to time. It’s the way the body responds to demands and dangers. A stressful event triggers the release of hormones. These hormones, according to Psychology Today, “increase heartbeat and the circulation …read more…