KMA is Growing: Welcome Two New Team Members!

Jill Osborn, Recruiting Consultant Serving New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine

“I am an altruist to my core. Recruiting for me is another opportunity to help people. Knowing that you’ve been able to impact a candidate’s career goals positively and enhance the culture of a company simultaneously is so rewarding.” …read more…

KMA Adds Four Team Members

KMA is pleased to announce the following additions to our team of HR experts. Welcome aboard!

Kara Kitchen Joins KMA’s Recruiting Team

Kara Kitchen brings more than 10 years of experience in recruiting to the KMA team. She has successfully recruited top talent for accounting, sales, customer service, creative …read more…

COVID-19 Law Update for March 30, 2020

(from the 24-Hour HR Support Center)

Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

Since the enactment of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act on March 18, new information and guidance has been released every few days, though still much slower than employers would like. We have summarized what we believe to …read more…

How Business Leaders Can Prepare for a Coronavirus Outbreak

As we continue to monitor developments with the coronavirus, everyone is understandably concerned. Here are some general employment practices, procedures, and resources for business leaders as we continue to analyze this emerging situation.

Strategies to Consider

Employers should be ready to implement strategies to protect their workforce from COVID-19 …read more…