Guest Blog: What Organizations Can Do to Create a Parent-Inclusive Workplace

By Sarah Douglas and Amanda Hemm of Soutiens



Smart companies realize it’s no longer good enough to provide working parents with bare-bones benefits, vague policies, and inconsistent leadership, and hope for the best. To attract and retain working parents, companies need to create an inclusive, caring …read more…

Unemployment Fraud

Unemployment fraud is on the rise and adding to employer and employee challenges.

Here is some guidance on what you can do about it, and how you can stop it:

When fraud is suspected, it should be reported by employers or individuals. Maine – Massachusetts – …read more…

Seven SHRM 2019 Takeaways for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

(from the 24-Hour HR Support Center)

Nearly 20,000 HR professionals attended this year’s annual SHRM conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. If that sounds like a packed convention center, it was!

The theme for the conference was “Creating Better Workplaces.” The sessions themselves covered a range of topics across the HR …read more…

The Three Ways HR Makes Employment More Profitable

(From the 24-Hour HR Support Center)

HR covers a lot of territory—much of it cluttered with paperwork—but it really does have a precise business purpose. The point of HR is to make employment more profitable. HR does this in three fundamental ways. First, HR protects the organization against employment-related lawsuits …read more…