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Introducing She’s Brilliant!™

Inspiration and Guidance from Women Leaders in Maine

As the proud owner of a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, I’m a huge champion of women achieving success in business, and I’m always looking for opportunities to mentor the next generation of women leaders. With this in mind, I wanted to create a collection of wisdom from women business leaders that would inspire, motivate and guide us all, and this blog is the result of that idea.

Over the coming months I hope you find the words shared in our She’s Brilliant!™ blog to be as moving as I do. We have all witnessed the remarkable power of women; it’s my experience that we’re at our best when we come together and share our gifts with one another. Enjoy.

Kim Anania
President and CEO,
KMA Human Resources Consulting

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Katy Rand
Pierce Atwood LLP

What are your top strategies for success?

“Virtually every indicator of success—as I define it—flows from authenticity, by which I mean self-awareness as well as self-acceptance. We cannot eliminate personal qualities that might undermine our success, but if we know what they are, we can at least account for them. Accounting for vulnerabilities diminishes their negative impact on our performance, and owning them allows us to rebound more quickly from setbacks and failures. Authentic people are (appropriately) transparent; transparency breeds trust; trust is the foundation for every strong and genuine relationship; and, in my world at least, genuine relationships are the touchstone of success.”

Janine Roberts
Chief of Police
Westbrook Police Department

What are your top strategies for success?

Throughout my career, I’ve tried to follow a set of principles that I believe have contributed to my success. Here are my top ten:

  1. Practice self-awareness, self-control, common sense, and emotional intelligence.
  2. Build relationships and trust wherever possible.
  3. When faced with obstacles and challenges, process my emotional reaction to them, and create a plan to overcome them.
  4. Make sure my actions back up my words.
  5. Listen to others; include their input in my decisions.
  6. Set clear expectations and show loyalty.
  7. Mentor and empower others; put others first.
  8. Be humble; admit when wrong; show vulnerabilities; accept constructive criticism.
  9. Practice my core values of accountability, compassion, fairness, integrity.
  10. Always look for ways to grow as a leader, public servant, and person.
Lindsay Skilling
Gifford’s Ice Cream

What are your top strategies for success?

“Trust yourself. There have been many moments where I’ve questioned what I was capable of because others have doubted me. Instead of letting those people get to me, I worked harder, earned my place in this business, and trusted myself. Another one is to not get too comfortable; it’s important to always strive to be better than what you were yesterday. That’s how the best businesses succeed and thrive. My last advice is to be unapologetic about who you are and what you want to achieve.”