She's Brilliant

Introducing She’s Brilliant!™

Inspiration and Guidance from Women Leaders in Maine

As the proud owner of a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, I’m a huge champion of women achieving success in business, and I’m always looking for opportunities to mentor the next generation of women leaders. With this in mind, I wanted to create a collection of wisdom from women business leaders that would inspire, motivate and guide us all, and this blog is the result of that idea.

Over the coming months I hope you find the words shared in our She’s Brilliant!™ blog to be as moving as I do. We have all witnessed the remarkable power of women; it’s my experience that we’re at our best when we come together and share our gifts with one another. Enjoy.

Kim Anania
President and CEO,
KMA Human Resources Consulting

Ivy Frignoca
Casco Baykeeper
Friends of Casco Bay

What advice would you offer women entering a traditionally male-dominated industry?

“My advice is to be yourself and use your unique skills. As women, we may bring a different perspective to a situation than a man would, and that’s certainly been true throughout my career. The ability to collaborate is such a powerful tool. I use convening skills and listening to draw people together, and I’ve found that once you’ve established commonality, you can work on the various points of disagreement. That’s a real strength that women can bring to the table.”

Kay Whitmore
Vice President, Human Resources
Acadia Insurance

What do you consider to be a leader’s greatest strength?

“A leader can have a significant impact by fostering resilience in her team. In a world that is
constantly changing, helping team members prepare for the unknown and unexpected can improve her team’s health and well-being and ability to persevere when changes come their way. She does this by modeling strong personal resilience, radical listening, practicing Socratic questioning to challenge unhelpful beliefs, and supporting the personal and professional development of her team members.”